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Would you eat healthy if it was simple?  Many believe that eating well takes effort.   Are you confused and overwhelmed when bombarded with nutrition information? What if good, healthy eating was simple, enjoyable and fit your busy schedule?  What if your grocery list is prepared for you?  Is this even possible?  Absolutely!  Let us guide you to better nutrition and you will realize that it’s easier than you think.


We’re so excited you decided to make a step towards improving your nutrition and health.  Our philosophy is plain and simple – eat well, live well.  During our program, you’re going to be building a foundation of knowledge, creating new habits and implementing healthy strategies, one step at a time.  Each session will build upon the next and soon you will be surprised how easy it is to live healthy by eating healthy.  Together we will go back to basics with the understanding that small changes over time can create AMAZING results; results that are sustainable and long-lasting. 


Your time is valuable. We’re here for you.  We’re easy to talk to.  No gimmicks, and you definitely won’t see any pop up ads.  Soon, you will see how easy your journey to better nutrition and health can be without sacrificing your busy life.  Slow and steady wins the race and our goal is to empower you to embrace your improved healthy habits. 


You made it this far, now let’s get started together!


Simply yours,



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3 day Meal Plan to

“Fuel Your Groove”

+ Grocery List and Recipes

Quick Start


Same old story - we all feel rushed, tired, and pulled in all directions by life’s demands.  Most of us want to eat well but can’t seem to overcome personal hurdles around nutrition.

We offer nutritional counselling with a variety of meal plans and grocery lists best suited to your needs and dietary requests, specializing in symptoms of dysbiosis (impaired microbiota in the gut means our ideal levels of good bacteria drop). 

Have you ever felt queasy, indigestion or heartburn after eating?  Even worse, do you feel bloated?  Worse yet, do you experience excessive gas, constipation, lower belly aches or diarrhea?

These are all common signs and symptoms of dysbiosis.  Nobody wants to finish a meal and end up spending the rest of the evening in the bathroom – am I right?  We’re here to evaluate your eating habits, adjust as necessary, and get you back to doing the activities you love and having the social life you deserve.


  • It’s easy to get started

  • We’re non-judgemental

  • Our services may be reimbursed by Health Care Plans


Let’s make it plain and simple - food fosters love, friendship and gatherings.  We will endeavor to foster these loving relationships through nutrition that will be lifelong for you.

Pouring Honey


Kimberly talked me through her detailed recommendations for meal planning. It was easier than I had expected and I’ve most definitely benefited health-wise. I’ve reduced my body-fat and I feel better about my food choices.

– David T.

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