What comes to mind with the word “diet”?  Strict, go without, hungry most of the time, yoyo weight gain/loss, not sustainable, etc.  This is NOT who we are.  If you are looking for quick fixes, this is NOT the right place.  If you want a plan that builds a healthier you and your family, then let’s get started!

Holistic nutrition incorporates the mind, body and spirit.  We will explore how nutrition, exercise and mindset go hand in hand.  Let’s enjoy the journey to a more balanced way of life together.

Eat well, move with purpose and love every day.

You will feel energized, look younger, alleviate chronic symptoms and have a passion to do more of what you love.  Most of all, you will love the new you and how you feel!

Our services may be reimbursed by your Group Health Care Plans.  Please inquire whether Holistic Nutritionists or Natural Nutrition is included.


All services are provided via phone, email or video conferencing.



15 min Discovery Consultation by Phone

We will discuss over the phone, basic information about you, what brought you to our site and how we can help you make nutrition simple again.



1 hr Initial Consultation

During our 1 hour consultation, we will examine your current concerns, medical history, diet and lifestyle and offer tips to help you achieve your desired nutritional and lifestyle goals. 


An additional 15 minute follow up session will be available to assess your progress or challenges. 


No meal plans are included.



4-Session Program

This more in-depth session includes the 1 hr Initial Consultation.  Once we dive into your goals in more details, the following 3 - 1 hr sessions (one session scheduled every second week) will look more deeply into your progress and address any challenges you might be encountering with your revised nutritional and lifestyle outlook.


Together we will customize a one week meal plan, grocery list and recipes to get you started on the right path to success. 


Email support will be available during this program.



Personalized Meal Plans, Grocery Lists + Recipes

Customized meal plan for 1 week + grocery list + recipes that addresses your needs and goals.



Monthly 7 day Group Challenge “Belly Aches Be Gone”

At the beginning of each month, we will offer this 7 day group challenge which includes a 7 day meal plan, grocery list and recipes. We will explore through various topics, a food cleanse and daily recipes what foods work best for our gut health to alleviate those belly aches. Group chat will be available.

Email support will be available during the week as needed for any questions.



6 week Program
“Win Your Gut Back”

This program includes:

  • 30 minute weekly coaching session for 6 weeks

  • Customized weekly meal plans

  • Wellness plan includes food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations

  • Email support for the duration of the 6 week program


3-Day Meal Plan to "Fuel your Groove" + Grocery List & Recipes

Try these delicious recipes that combine several foods that are good for the gut and discover better gut health and well-being. This 3 day meal plan includes your grocery list, simple instructions, colourful photos and recipes.

We are here to help you. We can clarify what you need to do so don’t be afraid to reach out and inquire about our services.

If you have any questions, please email

We know you will love this e-book!  In the event that you are not satisfied, a full refund will be processed within 14 days of your purchase.


Low FODMAP for IBS - Monthly Meal Plan Subscription

What is FODMAP anyway?  FODMAPs are a group of short-chain carbohydrates found naturally in some foods or additives that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine which can then be fermented by intestinal bacteria that can trigger symptoms in the gut such as abdominal pains, bloating, and gas to name a few.

Do you want to alleviate your abdominal pains?  Are you unsure of what foods to eat, or not to eat?  Do you hate to plan your meals for the week? Do you get frustrated trying to figure out the groceries necessary for meals?  Do you eat out too much?  Let us help you make healthy nutrition simple!

Join our monthly meal plan subscription and have a meal plan delivered to you every month with your grocery list and recipes in hand!

A recurring monthly charge will be applied when you subscribe to this service. If you wish to cancel at any time, please email us at

We know you will love this e-book!  In the event that you are not satisfied, a full refund will be processed within 14 days of your purchase.