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My path to holistic nutrition is an odd one.  I was a Meeting and Convention Planner (so, I’m extremely organized!), had children and decided to put my career on hold to stay home and nurture them.  I soon realized that my eldest wasn’t quite progressing like other children and seemed fidgety.  I researched and found a neurodevelopmentalist to help us address our child’s developmental challenges.  She recommended we alter his diet which we did and soon began to see improvements. 


It was a long road ahead but we realized that nutrition played an immense role in his eventual success.  As a result of his learning challenges, we decided to homeschool him so that he could learn in a loving environment, eating well and continue with his exercises aimed at helping connect his neural pathways.  The rest is history as they say. 


Our son is doing well academically and is poised for a bright future.  As nutrition played a huge role in our son’s development and still does to this day, I found how much I was enjoying learning about how nutrition affects all aspect of our lives.  That passion grew to a new career path that I have crafted for the past 18 years without even realizing it. 


It took me many years to understand the impact that food has on our body – both good and bad.  I love food, always have and never really had to think about what I ate.  Yet, I would feel aches and pains and have suffered from hay fever and food sensitivities since my teenage years into early adulthood. 


When I decided to have children, I decided to eat more healthy foods in the best interest of having a healthy baby.  Yet, once I had both of my children, exhaustion kicked in and my earlier symptoms reappeared.  I continued to ensure my children were eating the best, most nutritious foods possible and made all their foods from scratch, yet neglected to feed myself properly to handle the demands of motherhood. Sound familiar to some of you? 


I then took on the gargantuan task of homeschooling my two children.  I was excited and loved it!  I began researching and addressing my food sensitivities and began eating well, exercising with my children and soon my symptoms disappeared and my energy level went up! 


I never would have believed food could have such a huge impact.  Consequently, I began to learn more about nutrition and teaching my children how to eat healthy, stay active to enjoy life to the fullest.  Our meals were made together, eaten together and the memories created are some that I will treasure forever when my children have moved on with lives of their own. 


The years spent teaching my children and learning about nutrition, became a passion.  I realized that I was drawn to guide others to find their joy of nutrition to reap the benefits for a symptom free life.  Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my family being active participating in activities that take us out into the mountain air.

Kimberly Davies

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